Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of My Least Favorite Subjects: Working Out *Sigh*

Work It!
I have been trying to do my best to lose some weight, while sitting on my butt. If it was possible for me, it would have happened by now, I am pretty sure. So, I have resolved myself to one of my least favorite activities, working out.

I, like what I am assuming is a large portion of American women, desire to have a flat stomach, toned arms & legs, and a nice firm butt. I am spending a week in Florida in January, and will be wearing (the dreaded) two piece on the beach while I am there. So, there is no time like the present to get started on my body!!

I went out and bought a nice pair of work out pants a couple weeks ago, resolving to start my work out plan then. I guess I was hoping they would go running in the morning without me, while I slept lazily in bed?!

There are many more reasons I am determined to start working out, other then to kick my body back into bikini ready shape. I want to be healthy. Working out helps a woman stay young & vibrant. I want to stay as young as possible, for as long as possible (another reason for staying out of the sun). Also, I want to be in shape for snowboarding season, yay! 

I have tried Hip Hop Abs. It was so funny, I laughed the whole time. Which I guess after thinking about it, could be really good for the abs. 

I have been trying to eat better; drinking a lot of water (not drinking pop), eating more veggies (instead of fried chips and such), taking vitamins, and eating smaller portions of junk food when I do eat it.

What do you do to keep your body in 'sexy' condition?
Glitz & Glamour,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Megan Fox...I Like Her Style

Megan Fox
I am a fan of Megan Fox's style. She can pull off a whole range of style from really girly, classic hollywood, & sexy lingerie, to little boy t-shits, glasses, and hats. Not every girl can pull of such a wide range of clothing. I know I can't. I really wish I could. Also, she is not afraid to be herself. She has tattoos that speak to her personally, and does not apologize for them.

I love her in this dress. It is very girly, and she makes it look so natural. I had this set as the background on my cell phone for the longest time looking for a dress in the same style.

She can pull off glasses really well too (my best friend is the same way, she is gorgeous with and without glasses).

I got really excited when I saw this outfit. I wear a similar one a lot. It is really comfy and sexy/stylish at the same time! Also, LOVE the RayBans. My Dad is a pilot and has worn them for years, two years ago I got my own. :)

Little boy's t-shirt!! She looks amazing in a comfy shirt and jeans. My favorite part of this outfit tho are/is the vest/suspender-ish part. I am unsure exactly which it is, but I am 'in-lust' with it. I wish I could find one for myself. :(

Simple yet looking great!! Yet, again with the suspender/vest-ish thing.

ThIs might be my favorite outfit of her's so far. She is looking great & comfy (one of my prerequisites for any outfit). It also highlights her fantastic body without showing off anything unnecessary (ample cleavage, midriff, buttocks, etc).

I am jealous that she has Marilyn Monroe on tattooed on her. I completely understand why she choose her. I feel that if I were to go get this tattoo now, people would feel that I was copying Megan Fox...but I wouldn't be. Arg. Either way, still envious.

Way to go Shakespeare! 
These Pictures are show how versatile Megan Fox can look when styled differently. Beautiful.

Who's style do you like?

Glitz & Glam,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kate Spade "What's In Your Bag?"

Kate Spade, originally uploaded by TopHatKat86.

A popular trend on a couple websites right now is, "What's in your bag?" So, I decided to 'bite the bullet' and try it out. 

Flickr has a whole group dedicated to the subject. I browsed the group before adding my own submission.
There are so many different things that people carry in their bags!
The most common item I noticed was an mp3 player, more specifically an iPod. Many people are also carrying around cell phones, cameras, and computers.

Some of the more unique items some people are carrying in their bags range from toothbrushes to kitchen knives (yes, someone actually posted a picture that states they carry a butcher knife around in their bag). 

Many people carry around hand sanitizer and lotion, two items that are currently NOT in my bag, but will soon be.
I am they only one who I saw that carries around an ipass? Interesting. I do enjoy being different.
Also, I didn't notice anyone also, so far, that has a separate organizer for their receipts? Guess I am special there too.

I also just noticed that I have a fairly well done color scheme going in my bag, surprisingly not done on purpose.

What is in your bag?

Glitz & Glamour,



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Secret Keeper
         When I was in high school I was the ‘Secret Keeper’ among my friends. My friends would talk to me about everything, knowing that I wouldn’t say anything to anyone. I was raised by a therapist; she instilled the importance of confidentiality in me.
         It didn’t always turn out well for me. I would end up knowing things that I wish I didn’t. Or inevitably, my friends would end up in a fight, and it would be said that I had known about the issue all along. It was never ‘my place’ to share other people’s secrets. Which is what I kept saying each time this happened.
         I did end up in a couple feuds with friends over my choice to not blab other people’s secrets, even when they did involve other people. I even came very close to losing a close friend, due to my choices. There was pain & anguish over keeping quiet sometimes, but I did (and still do) ‘stick to my guns’ when it comes keeping my mouth shut about other people’s secrets.
         High school was really hard at times, just because of how vicious some of the girls could be. Some rumors had potential to ruin a reputation permanently, even if they were false.
         Gossip is a huge potential moneymaker. Magazines and websites such as TMZ and the National Enquirer profit of off gossip and our curiosity about other people’s lives. I know that I read the ‘gossip magazines’ when I am in line at the grocery store or Wal-Mart, and I even follow the random story or two on the internet. They pull us in. But, that doesn’t mean that they are morally or ethically correct.
         I know, that even as a journalist, I am going to protect my sources, and follow my gut when it comes to what to publish and what not to. There are times when ‘crossing the line’ is for the good of the public or your readers. There are also times when the reasons for such actions are just not justified. No matter how ‘good’ the story may be or how much a select few people may benefit from the story being released.
         Gossip usually hurts someone and is not worth repeating. Take the kindergarten approach next time you hear a piece of ‘tasty’ gossip: If you wouldn’t want that said about you, don’t say it at all.

Glitz & Glamour,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Latest Fall Obsession

So my latest fall obsession is these beautiful baggy berets from Pixiebell's Etsy Shop. They are handmade and come in multiple different styles, patterns, and fabulous color choices. Besides that, some of them are modeled on this gorgeous model! Isn't she stunning?

Well, I must admit, Etsy is an obsession of mine in general. It is a fantastic community of artists who create amazing things and then sell them in their stories that make up the community. If you have never heard of Etsy before, be sure to go check it out!!!

What is your latest fall must have?

Glitz & Glamour,

Body Art

Someday, I will get the tattoo I have been thinking about. I do have to wait until after graduation, unfortunately, due to an agreement with my parents that I made my freshman year of high school. That feels like it was soo long ago!! 

I enjoy the lil pink bows featured in picture from fuck yeah tattoos (please pardon the language). I love that site. I find it interesting what other people choose to permanently put on their bodies. I know that what I finally end up with be full of meaning and extremely carefully chosen, along with placement, & the artist who does it (I have had the same idea & artwork in mind for over a year now, so that part is basically done).

Do you have any 'artwork'? If so, what/where is it? If not, do you want any? Etc.

Glitz & Glamour,