Monday, February 23, 2009

Eva, My First Fashion Alias


Eva is a professional driver. She will get you where you want to be under any circumstances, even dangerous ones. She is better then the guys, and she does it all in heels! She is not afraid to show her feminine style, but don't judge her by her stylish appearance. She is the best driver in her field and she will win any race. She is the female version of James Bond, just more fashionable. Hmm, to be Eva would be so cool. I would love to drive that car. Sigh, amazing. To wake up everyday and got o work dressed to stylishly and be able to pump up the music and drive for a living? Wow.

Who is your fashion identity today?

Go to polyvore follow the instructions and build your own fashion identity.
Then, post it in the comments section with your description!!

Ciao Lovers,

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