Monday, May 11, 2009


Things I Learned Today (well, maybe not specifically today):

*I LOVE to send my friends little surprises in the mail.

*Cocktail rings make me feel sparkly and regal.

*I’m getting a new cell phone & I’m so excited about it. I use my phone so much; having a new phone just makes me smile.

*I love ADORE vintage hats. Especially the ones with netting on them that fall down over the eyes. They make me feel sexy and mysterious.

*I finally got a Starbucks Cold Drink Tumbler this week. I wanted one so bad last summer, but they sold out sooo fast. I haven’t stopped using it.

*I wear big sunglasses all the time, they make me feel pretty. Like Jackie O. or Audrey Hepburn.

*I’m looking forward to all of the traveling that I am going to be doing in the next couple of months. So many adventures I will have to share with all of us!

**What is your TILT?**

Glitz & Glamour,


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