Monday, February 1, 2010

Love It...

T.I.L.T [Things I Love Today] 

<3Watching this:
French Bulldog Puppies
They are so cute! I cant help but smile when I watch them play. :)
<3Loose teas
There are such great health benefits associated with tea. Brewing loose leaf teas is more natural, non-processed way of making tea. It makes a much better tasting cup of tea & increases the health benefits provided by the tea leaves.
<3Survival Bracelet
These bracelets are really cool.
<3Beautiful Headband
This headband is really cool. I am going to try and make one when I have the time. The ribbon used to make these are so beautiful.
<3Bulldogs, specifically French Bulldogs
They are so cute! This breed of dog is being featured in a couple different commercials now, they make me laugh every time. I love to laugh.

                                          Meet Duke!       Hes the coolest bulldog in town. A friend of mine got him from a rescue organization in the Chicago area. He is the sweetest, loving, cuddly dog one could ask for (outside of my Mooser/Fuzzy Face of course!!). He also loves to play & loves water.

<3Dog Rescue Organizations
If you are thinking about getting a dog or puppy anytime soon, PLEASE look into adopting a dog or puppy from your local rescue organization!
Check out Frankie! (I really wish I could bring him home!!)
<3Chatting with new friends. It really puts a smile on my face.
<3Fun Dresses
ModCloth has some really fun dresses that are more ‘individulal’ then you can get at most places. You can go for cute & girly or sultry & sexy. Take your pick.
<3The Neon Museum: Las Vegas
I will go here someday. There are endless possibilities for amazing photographs here. I was so excited when I heard about the existence of this ‘graveyard.’I think it would be amazing to have some of my wedding pictures taken here also (in black & white....perfection). Seeing as I do not see myself getting married in Vegas, it would have to be a secondary photo shoot, oh how glamorous.
<3Kate Hudson
She is amazing.
Her fashion sense is one of a kind and she doesn’t let fame, hollywood, or having famous parents go to her head. She is well grounded & isn’t afraid to try new things (such as her recent fore into the world of directing, Cutlass, in cooperation with Glamour magazine & their readers). She loves to laugh (especially at herself), smiles all the time, is dedicated to her family (specifically her son Ryder), is hard working, & has a deep passion for life. Besides all of that she is gorgeous inside and out.

      I LOVE this outfit on her!


Kate Hudson in her directing debut, Cutlass.

Glitz & Glamour, 

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