Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Comfy Yet Fashionable Outfit

My Mood for Today

So, you want to pull onsomething comfy, yet fashionable that will be perfect for an afternoon (or day)out with the girls, parents, boyfriend, etc?

Dear belovedsweat pants & trusty t-shirt,

You arejust not going to cut it today. So sorry (I am actually going to leave thehouse and go to more than just wal-mart). I will be back for some quality timethe next rainy Saturday and we will have many more special days to come, I amsure….JUST NOT TODAY!



Out of the closet comes thebeautiful white, lace summer dress that you can always trust to be the perfectgo to essential. It makes you feel like a princess in the summer, right?! Tomake it feel a little more like personalized, add some accessories: chunkybracelets, chandelier earrings, bangles perhaps? In my case, I would addtiffany heart earrings, a chunky turquoise necklace, and a fun, funky bracelet.

You may be looking at that dresssaying it looks just like the last two-hundred times you have worn it. So, adda belt to it, skinny or thick (that is up to you), wrap a ribbon around it acouple times. Find delicate necklaces to wrap around the straps to add dimensionand dangle around your shoulders (or ribbon, or thread). Try things out, take apicture of yourself, look it over, if it doesn’t work try something else. If itworks, well, I am sure you know what to do; GO ROCK THAT LOOK!

Moving on to shoes, oh, one ofmy favorite subjects. I am sure you are going straight for your favoriteworn-everyday-pair. STOP. I know we are talking about comfort; we are alsotalking about fashion. You have to have more than one pair of comfortableshoes, right?! So, try other combinations before you head straight for theworn-out shoes already by the door. Boots are a great choice this season, nomatter what the season. There are also a great variety of sandals out there.Celebrate your feet, but keep comfort in mind! If you can wear heels and walkmiles and still be completely comfortable, I hate you, ok maybe not truly HATEbut still, come on. Keep in mind, the fashion magazines are great for inspiration,but put your own spin on things!

Mmmm, just as good as shoes,bags. As far as I am concerned right now there is only one possible bag to gowith my outfits, the Lucky Brand Abbey Road, in teal. You can choose whateveryou feel goes well with this outfit; messenger, hobo, clutch, etc. I am a bigsupporter of colored accessories. Especially bags. I think they bring a lot ofattitude to an outfit, and it you find one that really expresses your personalstyle, it really says a lot about you as an individual, in purely a cosmeticsense.

This being stated, I love myhair, I love doing it, but it takes FOREVER! So, I adore hats. I have all mylife. When I was little I wore pots on my head, wrapped scarves around my head,put diapers on my head (oh, yes…its true). I have been a lover of all things millinersince a very young age. So, for this outfit I have chosen a charming knit beretto add a pop of color. What is your favorite kind of hat? I am not sure I couldanswer that question myself…..but I am looking forward to your answers!

Last but not least, I alwaysgrab a cardigan or sweatshirt in case of cool weather or insane air-conditioning.This is usually draped over my bag, or in my bag so I don’t have to deal withit all the time. For this I have picked a light, knit purple cardigan that canbe worn over the whole outfit or belted over the dress for a more definedshape. There are so many choices when it comes to outerwear! My mom would tellyou all how obsessed I am with coats and other such things. Capes, caplets,trench coats, military jackets (the fashionable kind please), jean jackets,cropped jackets, etc; I could go on and on.

This outfit seems perfect for anafternoon shopping in SoHo. Followed by an early evening picnic with a charmingyoung man of cheese, sandwiches, wine, raspberries & chocolate; followed bya stroll with a puppy and a little game of fetch. Maybe back to his place for amovie??

What does your comfy yetfashionable outfit look like & where would you wear it?

Glitz & Glamour,


P.S. Good luck to all of thosestudents returning to class! I am just about to run all over campus to getbooks and things too, so I feel your pain.

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