Tuesday, September 22, 2009


War Correspondant


Liza is a hard-hitting war correspondent and photographer. She knows how to get the right angle on a story and then really send it 'home.' While at the same time keeping the facts true and her editor and sources happy. In other words she can walk a tight rope in pointed-toe silhouettes! She can live in a man's world without a problem, often traveling with American troops as they do their tours over seas. She also knows how to blend in well in other cultures, which is a major necessity to her profession.


Taylor-made Wife said...

Hey there! I'm stopping by from 20SB(ran across you in the dachsund group). Anyway, I love this post...such great advice!!

TopHatKat said...

Hi Taylor-Made Wife,
Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE dachshunds. I am full of advice, this is my outlet. :)
Glitz & Glamour,