Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i [heart] my of course I want to make it pretty

Hello MadHatters!!

   For those who don't know much about me...I am addicted to chocolate, caffeine & constantly trying to quit, [heart] the color purple (kind of obvious?), love puppies (especially my miniature wire-hair Moose), & always have my macbook attached to my hip.
   It has almost been a year since I got my MacBook Pro for my birthday/Christmas, November/December (best year for presents...ever!!). By this time I would be having major issues with any of the laptops I have had in the past-viruses, malware, physical issues, etc. I would have had to take it to a tech to get fixed at least once by now. By this time in the lifecycle of any computers I have had in the past, I would be talking about getting a new one & shopping around for a 'good deal.' Always talking about getting a Mac.

   I haven't had one problem with my Mac. In fact, I am more in love with it then the day I got it! I wouldn't dream of getting another computer. Instead...I am looking at ways to personalize it. :] 

   There are tons of ways to personalize your mac (or whatever kind of computer you have...if you have not yet given into Apple bliss, which, you really, really should)!!

   One of the most obvious and extremely useful was to personalize your 'external brain' would be a bag. I have two, a backpack & a messenger bag. Both of which I bought specifically with my Mac in mind.
My backpack is:
Retails for $89.00

I got mine for $50.00 from TJ Maxx!! So just make sure you shop around to get the best price. 
This bag has a padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment that can hold up to a 17'' laptop and has a strap to hold the laptop securely in place. I LOVE this bag.

Classic Messenger Bag
Retails for $110
I chose to do the 'build your own classic messenger bag' option. My bag is medium sized, white, teal, & grey with the added shoulder pad. This bag is fantastic & it is so durable. Make sure to go to the website & read the reviews. This bag can go thru anything, & the consumer reviews prove it.  Besides can fit anything in it & it is still comfortable to carry!

Retails for $19.99


I use this with my Timbuk2 messenger bag & my Vera Bradley bags. It does an amazing job of keeping my Mac safe from bumps & scratches. This is not the exact one I have (I can't remember the brand name at the moment), but it will do the job for sure!

   If you are looking for something other then a bag to make your Mac more personal there are other options besides a bag. A hard cover case or decorative decal are both good options.

SeeThru Satin: Soft-Touch on a Hard Shell Case
Retails for $49.95
    These hard cases are available in multiple colors & opacities (clear & satin). I have one in purple satin and it has kept my Mac free from scratches, while adding vibrant color to my Mac. My Apple even glows purple! I got mine right after I got my Mac. I wanted something to keep it safe, while still being able to see the iconic apple symbol and not detracting from the beautiful sleek styling of the Mac. That is exactly what this case does.

Decals from Esty Sellers



Retails for $2.99



Retails for $18.00

Retails for $8.99

Sistine chapel michelangelo

Currently Unavailable (sorry)

Retails for $4.99

Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Nightmare Before Christmas

Retails for $10.95

   Aren't they fantastic?! I am currently 'in the market' for a decal...I have found so many cool ones, I can't decide. Another great thing is, they don't hurt the exterior of your Mac at all. :D If you don't see one you like here, check out other options available from each Etsy seller I have listed. There are tons of options out there. Also, search Etsy for more. Many individual sellers will also take custom orders.

If you haven't heard of Etsy before, definitely go check it out.

   If you find any amazing decals....let me know!! Or if you buy anything amazing for yourself, family, or friends...share it with the class. :D

Glitz & Glamour,

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