Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My Future Claw Foot Bathtub

     I dream of soaking in a large claw foot bathtub. It seems so idyllic. 
     In my mind the tub is surrounded by candles. Soft music is floating through the air. The water is the perfect temperature to relax stressed & tired muscles and is scented of coconut and vanilla (which also helps moisturize the skin).
     After a nice long soak...drying off in a big luxurious egyptian cotton towel and moisturizing with a silky moisturizer sounds like dream. 
     The tub of my dreams is big & roomy. I could easily fit two, perfect for a romantic evening. 
     The tub has a rain shower head suspended over the center for fantastic showers. 
     There is a stone floor that is heated, so when a relaxing shower or bath comes to a conclusion, there is no cold floor to step onto. Just a soothing slightly warm stone floor to step onto.
     That sounds so relaxing after a day of work, school, chasing the kids around the house, shopping, rocking life, studying, coffee with friends, carpool, errands, cleaning the house, or whatever life may bring.
     How do you relax?
Glitz & Glamour,

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