Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of My Least Favorite Subjects: Working Out *Sigh*

Work It!
I have been trying to do my best to lose some weight, while sitting on my butt. If it was possible for me, it would have happened by now, I am pretty sure. So, I have resolved myself to one of my least favorite activities, working out.

I, like what I am assuming is a large portion of American women, desire to have a flat stomach, toned arms & legs, and a nice firm butt. I am spending a week in Florida in January, and will be wearing (the dreaded) two piece on the beach while I am there. So, there is no time like the present to get started on my body!!

I went out and bought a nice pair of work out pants a couple weeks ago, resolving to start my work out plan then. I guess I was hoping they would go running in the morning without me, while I slept lazily in bed?!

There are many more reasons I am determined to start working out, other then to kick my body back into bikini ready shape. I want to be healthy. Working out helps a woman stay young & vibrant. I want to stay as young as possible, for as long as possible (another reason for staying out of the sun). Also, I want to be in shape for snowboarding season, yay! 

I have tried Hip Hop Abs. It was so funny, I laughed the whole time. Which I guess after thinking about it, could be really good for the abs. 

I have been trying to eat better; drinking a lot of water (not drinking pop), eating more veggies (instead of fried chips and such), taking vitamins, and eating smaller portions of junk food when I do eat it.

What do you do to keep your body in 'sexy' condition?
Glitz & Glamour,

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Jaimie said...

Here is what I do:
I am very healthy for about 15 days straight. I eat spinach salad. I ride the stationary bicycle from the waist down, dancing to hip hop music from the waist up. I can do 20 push ups. The boy kind.

The for about 20 days, I order a pepperoni and green pepper pizza. I get in bed and set the box on my belly. I eat the whole thing. I do not order "size small."

Then I spend about 2 weeks trying not to do the pizza thing anymore. Then I start again.