Saturday, April 4, 2009

DIY Feather Hairpieces

This is my first DIY blog! So, if I completely miss anything, PLEASE let me know.

Materials you will need:

· Headband(s) and/or hair clip(s)

· Feathers, choose colors to your liking!

· Felt or backing (which can be purchased at any fabric store)

· Scissors

· Thread (I used black to match the feathers I was using)

· Needle, a long one is best

· Hairspray, optional (not pictured)

Step One: Cut out a tear drop shape out of the felt, a little bit smaller then the size you would like the feather “patch” to be. To do this I cut out a smaller square and folded it in half before I cut the tear drop shape.

Step Two: Shape the feathers into your desired shape. In my opinion the black feathers were too fluffy, so I trimmed down the edges, while keeping the same feather shape. But, you are welcome to shape the feathers into any shapes you desire!
I used feathers from an old mask that was laying around and feathers from a local craft store.

Step Three: Sew the feathers onto the felt teardrop (using the needle and thread, if you do not know how to hand sew…google it!) in an arrangement you like.

I chose to do all black feathers on the bottom with just a few multi-colored ones on top.

Step Four: Sew felt & feather piece onto headband or hair clip.

If sewing onto headband, make sure to try headband on and find the best placement for the feather piece before sewing.

If sewing onto hair clip, make sure open end of the hair clip is pointing away from the tip of the teardrop.

I have chosen to make the hair clip. I placed the clip at the very base of the point of the teardrop. Place yours wherever you are comfortable.

Here is the OPTIONAL step. Lightly spray the feathers with hairspray and smooth into desired pattern. This will help reduce the shedding of loose feather pieces. Beware, with some dyed feathers, this may cause the dye to become spotted and smear (I suggest testing it on some leftover scraps before attempting on your final piece!). SKIP this step if you would like your hair piece to be on the fluffier side.

Woohoo! All done.
Now, go out somewhere and look fabulous with your new accessory!
Oh, might I mention its a fraction the price of those in the stores and one of a kind?

Kisses & Cupcakes,

P.S. Is there anything else you would like to see, DIY-ified?

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