Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My First TILT

TILT stands for: things I learned today. So, in my case, I may not have always learned it or come to the realization that exact day, but close enough! Here goes…

© I like LOVE cupcakes.

© White tea is really yummy.

© A new haircut can really change how you look at yourself.

© Purple nail polish makes me smile.

© Film photography may be a “thing of the past” but it is a true art form.

© Puppies can make my day better even when it feels like the worst day ever.

© Moose may be the best name for a small dog, ever.

© I have some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for; I don’t even think they know how wonderful they are.

© Garage sales are really fun to go to. Sometimes you can get some awesome deals. Sometimes you laugh really hard.

© I wish I was getting my degree in photography.

© I miss playing viola as much as I used to.

© I think my schedule for this summer is getting too full. Ah!

© My boyfriend works WAY too much, but that has made us learn to appreciate our time together even more.

© Getting a concussion hurts. But everyone already knew that, right?! I can now officially never shave my head (how sad, not), it would look lumpy. Haha.

© Lace tights look amazing with short dresses.

© I fell in love with the feather headbands/pins and the vintage fascinator look. Ok, so I fell in love with them a long time ago…I just haven’t confessed it until now. Now I just have to find some that look good on me!

So my lovely TopHatters, what have you learned today or recently?

Cupcakes & Kisses,


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