Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things I Learned Today...


  • Give in to your cravings (as long as they are healthy and legal). It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous. I have wanted chicken salad for days. I finally made some and it was delicious.
  • Burn a couple candles. They make a room feel warm and smell wonderful.
  • Take the plunge, switch from a PC to a Mac. I recently did & it was so easy! I don’t know what all the hype is about ‘the switch.’ My new MacBook Pro is wonderful and so much better then my previous PC.
  • Wear jewelry that means something to you. This way your memories/values will be visible on you at all times.
  • Take a moment from your busy schedule to pamper yourself. I went and got my nails done, which I hadn’t done in so long. It’s a little thing, but can make you feel good.
  • Invest in an automatic vacuum, i.e. a puppy. :) They are so good at picking up the crumbs. Sometimes they try to ‘vacuum’ the food right out of your hand, but they make up for it with how cute they are!
  • Play games with family this holiday season. It is a good way to interact with family while avoiding those awkward conversations about your love life, school, or work.
  • Shop for clothes out of season, especially the essentials. They will usually be on sale & you can get amazing deals. For example, right now is a great time to be shopping for swimsuits online. Victoria Secret and many other retailers are having big sales.
  • Wear a vintage coat this winter. They are so well made & beautiful. I found mine for $30 at a vintage store. It is a beautiful grey wool with a full fur collar, belted waist, full length, & fully lined. You can find them in resale shops or look on ebay.


eQ said...

Oh Zooey! How I love Zooey!

:: Gina :: said...

i stinkin love her .

TopHatKat said...

eQ & Gina,
Zooey is amazing. I <3 how individual she is. She is so photogenic too!
Glitz & Glmaour,