Monday, December 28, 2009

Ode to My Nalgene!

Ode to My Nalgene

I went shopping for a new Nalgene today. I had used for one a long time awhile ago before forgetting it in a classroom. Oops. It went everywhere with me, before I mistakenly left it.

There was a BIG scare about BPA (possible cancer causing chemicals) in the bottles in the past. So, now Nalgene produces bottles that are BPA Free, dishwasher safe, resistant to staining & retaining odors, and very durable. They also come in many different shapes, sizes, & color combinations (bottle & cap combinations).

I chose my favorite color, purple, with a white top, in a wide mouth design, the larger size-coming in at 32 oz. I prefer the wide mouth version, its much easier to fill & I can get ice cubes it without having to smash them. Bliss. Some people don’t like to drink from this because of the way the liquid flows from it. I agree with them, so I got a splash guard, it fits right down inside the mouth of the bottle and controls the flow of the liquid. Most of the guards I have seen before were hard plastic. The one I got is a black pliable rubber, which I prefer.

Besides the bottle itself, what is in the bottle is really important too. I fill mine with water. When I had my previous bottle (before the sad, sad loss), I was drinking huge amounts of water everyday. When I didn’t have a bottle anymore I started drinking pop, juice, and other sugar-y liquids that are not so good for the body. I noticed a big difference in my body.

Everyone (your mother, sister, doctor, neighbor, grandmother, your mother’s twice removed ex-best friend’s aunt who everyone swears went coo-coo when her husband died....ok I’m sure you get my point) tells you that water is so good for you. Well, I am going to jump on that band-wagon.


It made my skin moisturized & extremely clear. I was so much more energized. I lost weight. I just ‘felt’ better in general.

It did all of that for me and helped my body internally in many healthy ways. Besides that, it saved me LOTS of money, because I wasn’t drinking ‘bottled’ water, or pop, or juice anymore. Also, it is very green. Nalgene has partnered with Brita to help cut down on the plastic waste in landfills.

I encourage you to get a Nalgene and commit to drinking more water in this coming New Year. It will make you feel so much better!

Glitz & Glamour.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love my nalgene, dont leave anywhere without it!

TopHatKat said...

I am the same way now! My nalgene goes everywhere. Oh, the stories it could tell.