Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Women with Glasses & Attitude

Women with Glasses & Attitude

Every woman I know likes to show their individuality in some way or another. The recent trend of the ‘nerdy’ glasses has come a great relief to those of us who actually depend on a real prescription on a daily basis. It allows us a couple extra minutes of ‘beauty’ sleep in the morning; without having to deal with the all too annoying contacts while being basically blind. We can go to work, out shopping, or out to coffee with the ladies in our glasses while still feeling chic & fashionable. Other ladies, who are blessed with fantastic vision, have the option of choosing from a vast array of fake glasses available in almost all different shapes and sizes. For these options try perusing,
*Forever 21
*Urban Outfitters
I love the picture featured above. She has so much style. From her sunglasses, to her haircut, to her headband, to her scarf. She has her own way about fashion. I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday. When was was choosing my glasses I was noticing how much each different frame made me feel. How you dress really does make a difference in how you present yourself.

Glits & Glamour,


Kiddo Kay said...

The first picture really is lovely.

And I agree -- I'm digging the "nerd" glasses trend, because I've been wearing them since 3rd grade. I'm excited to pick out a new pair of frames soon, big black thick ones, Weezer-style.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I need some geek glasses STAT! These pictures are tres adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have 20/10 vision so I've never "needed" glasses but lately I've been wanting to find some cute frames to start rockin. This is just the push I needed.

TopHatKat said...

Kiddo Kay,
I love the 'nerd' glasses trend too. I have also had glasses since the third grade (I am soo vision impaired)!

Cafe Fashionista,
If you want to see more awesome pictures of girls in glasses check out (please pardon the language).

You are so lucky to have good vision. Good luck on the cute frames search. Hope you find some hot ones to rock.

Glitz & Glamour.